○ Are you in Pain?
Are your teeth sensitive to Hot or Cold?
○ Do you feel like you have an active infection with
swelling or fever?
○ Have you had trauma to your mouth or jaw?
○ Do you have broken teeth causing pain?
○ Have you had any dental problems not addressed in
the last year?

Serving our patients and community has always been our #1 focus.  We pray during these times that everyone remains safe.  As a team, we want to ensure you that the measures we take every day are part of our normal operating procedures which are in place to help protect all of us from far worse infections and viruses.  The dental boards are asking that we postpone elective procedures that are considered Non – Emergent.  We felt it necessary to help communicate and provide guidance around symptoms that fall under emergent care to help prevent you from having to visit the hospital during this time.  A couple points to consider:

○ Our doctors and teams remain available to help support you and your family with any emergent care in our clinics. 
We now have ways for you to connect with our teams virtually.

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Stay Safe, We will make it through this together!

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